Charmaine Ford is a natural born entrepreneur turned trend setting hair stylist, Born and raised in north east Washington DC. Her knack for business and creativity came at a very young age through her handmade and crafted beaded bracelets, gimp key chains and friendly door-to-door service. She was never afraid to service her community no matter the creative outlet.  With a very athletic start to things, Charmaine took her talents to Morgan State University on cheerleading scholarship where she was one of the few freshman placed on the Varsity team. Finding her niche more in the presentation of the girls, she then decided to attend the Hair Academy in New Carrolton Maryland where she graduated and became a licensed stylist. Only one year later charmaine has developed a new approach to natural hair care through her latest entrepreneurial venture MaineStreamStyle. The service is both speedy and fun, introducing her clients to a new exciting way to maintain both healthy and beautiful hair.